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Special offers and promotions at  JW Marriott Hotel Seoul

Special offers and promotions
Subject Bingsu Street Day and Time 2017-05-01 ~ 2017-08-31
Venue Lobby Lounge Progression

The Lobby Lounge at JW Marriott Hotel Seoul presents “Bingsu Street,” a promotion guaranteed to take all Koreans on a trip down memory lane. Bingsu, a traditional summer dessert of finely shaved ice with various sweet toppings, is a childhood favorite in Korea.

This year, The Lounge will serve Original Bingsu, topped with red bean paste and soft rice cake pieces; Mango Bingsu, topped with slices of apple mango; and Hommage Bingsu, with rich signature coffee and soft tiramisu. Bingsu dishes are served with a side of patjuk, a healthy red bean porridge to warm your body after all that ice.

As the mercury rises this summer, don't miss the irresistible melt-in-the-mouth pleasures of bingsu!

May 1 ~ August 31, 2017

Bingsu 39,000 KRW
Patjuk 19,000 KRW

Inquiries & Reservations
Lobby Lounge 82 2 6282 6736
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